Baby Poop Stain Removal

Baby poop stain removal can be a very common, yet daunting task no matter your experience. Baby poop may vary in color and consistency, but the stain that baby poop leaves on clothing and fabric is inevitably difficult to remove. Here are several tricks to try when you find yourself baffled by a baby poop blow outs that stains your onesies, pants, and bed sheets.

Remove Baby Poop Stains

Baby Poop Stain Removal Instructions

The Simple, Cheap, and Easy Method

Many individuals from our research pool suggested that the simple use of water, soap and sunlight is the best remedy for baby poop stain removal from any clothing article. This might be a great starting point for those of you who do not wish to spend time and money on cleaning products just yet! Many have found that the sun's natural bleaching effects (seen naturally when hair lightens in the summer time) are enough to suck the stain right out of garments! 

  1. Remove excess baby poop matter from clothing material
  2. Wash with regular detergent soap and rinse clothing items thoroughly in cold water and ring out (or toss the item in the washing machine)
  3. Pin on clothes line outside or let dry outside in direct sunlight until completely dry

The Sure-Fire, Multi-Product Method

If you don't buy the simplicity of the former approach, here is another recommended tactic to try in your baby poop stain removal endeavours. This is an alternative method of baby poop stain removal that utilizes popular cleaning products found in stores: 

  1. Remove excess baby poop matter from clothing material
  2. Take a scrub brush and rub it across a bar of Fels Naptha soap, then scrub the soap into the stain under running water. 
  3. Fill a bucket with 1 gallon of hot water, then add 1 scoop of Oxy Clean
  4. Add 1/4 cup of Washing Soda to the water and Oxy Clean
  5. Add 1/4 cup of Stain Spray to the water, Oxy Clean, and Washing Soda
  6. Pour the contents of the bucket into the washing machine, add laudry detergent and run wash cycle with warm water.

WARNING: No matter which method of baby poop stain removal you try, do NOT dry the stained item in the dryer until the stain is gone, or the stain will set! This is a common mistake that is made time and time again! Please keep away from the clothes dryer until you are certain that the stain is gone. 

Our one caveat for recommending the water, soap and sunlight method of removing baby poop is that stains have either been found to disappear with sunlight, or set completely. This is in part due to the type of stained material you are attempting to clean. The water, soap and sunlight method will most likely work for nearly all materials, but finer materials such as wool, silk, and cashmere may not clean as well.

Keep in mind that new-born baby poop tends to be harder to get out, as does baby poop from babies who breast feed! However, in the event that your new-born, breast-feeding sweetheart makes a mess of your favorite night-gown, fear not! With a bit of hard work, you will succeed in removing most of the stain, if not all of it. 

We hope you will find these remedies for baby poop stain removal to be successful. Remember to test these products on a small section of your clothing or carpet if you are concerned about damaging more delicate types of materials. Baby poop stain removal does not have to be a disgusting challenge anymore. Instead, follow these steps and enjoy your clean, good-as-new clothing article!