Cement Stain Removal

Cement stain removal can be a frustrating and challenging process until now. For the most part cement is an abrasive material and it seems to find its way onto the most delicate surfaces. There are a few great ways to gently remove cement stains from these surfaces.

Cement Stain Removal

Cement Stain removal can be simple depending on the type of surface you need to remove the stains from. All cerement and plaster are made from an Alkaline compound and can be easily removed with a few different products. In this article you will find many different solutions to cement stain removal that should put your mind at ease.

Cement Stain Removal from Plastic Trim on a Car

What you will need:

  • Soft brush or Clean cloth
  • WD-40
  • car wash detergent
  • water (from hose)
  • wax (optional)

There are a great many things to remember when trying to find a solution to cement stain removal on a car. First we need to remember that cars have flat paint, plastic trim, metal trim, and textured paint. If you are unfortunate enough to have run your car through wet cement than you may need to understand how to take cement out of all the surfaces. Here are a few great steps to removing cement stains from the plastic trim on your car or truck:

  1. If your car/truck has a lot of cement on the plastic trim you will need to take the soft brush and use it to gently brush the cement residue from the plastic trim.  Beware that you do not brush too much as you might chip some of the plastic away.
  2. After you have brushed away some of the larger chunks you can now take your clean cloth and spray it with WD-40.
  3. Now use the cloth soaked with WD-40 and gently wipe away the rest of the cement stain. You can do this in circular motions. The WD-40 should be able to work quickly as it has the chemical make up to clean as well as lubricate.
  4. You should continue to repeat these steps if the cement is still on the plastic trim. If you have a stubborn cement stain you can always try to use the soft brush soaked with the WD-40, instead of the clean cloth, to proceed with the cement stain removal process.
  5. When the cement stain has been removed you can rinse the car with a hose to wash away any residue that might remain.
  6. Once you have rinsed away the cement residue you can wash and wax your car/truck as needed.

The process of cement stain removal, mentioned above, should get most stains off of the plastic trim of your car/truck. Remember to always take care that you are cleaning the surface gently as paint and trims of cars are easily scratched.

Cement Stain Removal from the Flat Paint on Your Car

What you will need:

  • clay
  • water
  • car wash detergent
  • wax (optional)

Here are a few easy steps to follow when removing cement stains from the flat paint on your car/truck:

  1. Take a sizable piece of clay, found at any craft store or car detailing shop, and wet it with water from your hose.
  2. Next, you can take the clay and gently rub the surface of the flat paint with the clay. The clay is made of natural minerals from the ground. It will act as a natural abrasive that is safe for your car/trucks flat paint. Although it is safe to use on the flat paint do not get the clay near any of the plastic trim. clay will scratch the plastic!
  3. Once you feel the cement has been removed you can spray the area with the hose to ensure all of the cement has been removed.
  4. If the cement stain is still on the car repeat steps 1-3 until it has been removed completely.
  5. If the cement stain has been removed you can choose to wash and wax your car as normal.

Clay is a very useful tool to removing a few different stains from surface of flat paint on your vehicle. Remember to keep the clay away from any of the plastic surfaces, as it will scratch the plastic.

Cement Stain Removal from Textured Paint on your Car/Truck

What you will need:

  • Sponge
  • Vinegar
  • water
  • car wash detergent
  • wax (optional)

The processes for cement stain removal, from the textured paint on your vehicle, can be simple. Here are a few steps to take when trying to remove cement stains:

  1. First, you will need to soak your clean cloth in vinegar.
  2. Once you have your cloth fully saturated with the vinegar you will need to place it over the cement spots.
  3. Keep the vinegar soaked cloth on the cement stains for a few second to ensure the cement is being broken up.
  4. Remove the cloth from the paint and spray the area with the hose. Most stains should be removed and rinsed away, but if the stain remains you can repeat the steps as needed.
  5. After the cement stains have been removed you can wash and wax your car as you normally would.

Removing the cement stains from the textured paint can be easy with the right type of cleaning advice. The vinegar is a great solution to use for removing cement stains.