How to Clean Duck Poop Stains

Duck poop is one of those things that we really don’t think about often unless we live near a body of water or we own our own ducks. If the duck poop is starting to cause a problem because of its smell or how it’s making your outside areas look, then it is important for you to learn how to clean duck poop stains

How to Clean Duck Poop Stains

Why Would I Keep Ducks Anyway?

A lot of people really enjoy keeping ducks as pets; there’s several whole websites dedicated to keeping ducks as pets. Ducks are incredibly social animals that should be kept in pairs. Many people will own several ducks of varying ages so that they can always have ducks and ducklings at their homes. Some people will even rescue orphaned ducks.

Ducks are incredibly friendly and intelligent animals as well. Many people have benefitted from having ducks as pets; some of them can become so well trained that it’s like owning a little dog with wings. Some ducks even know what their names are, and they can be trained to do tricks.

But before you get into it, realize that ducks (and other poultry) are messy. Many types of poultry birds (ducks, chickens, geese) are careless and will just poop wherever they want to. Their eating habits are usually quite sloppy as well. Ducks are very carefree animals; who needs to worry about cleanliness when there’s life to be lived. 

How to Clean Duck Poop Stains

It’s very rare that your duck will be inside your home, so many of the duck poop stains that you will ever have to deal with will be outside. You can find duck poop stains on the concrete, on the homes that you build them, and on the edge of the body of water your ducks enjoy visiting. So, what can you do to get rid of those unsightly duck poop stains?

What you will need:

  • Heavy duty hose
  • Vinegar or dishwashing soap
  • Equine pellets (optional)
  1. Clear your ducks away from the area you are trying to clean. Ducks, in general, are some of the messiest birds out there. They eat, drink, and poop all over the place with no concern about how messy they may be being. You can lock them in their duck house, or move them to the other side of the pond for a little while.
  2. Take your hose, turn it up to its highest setting, and start going at it! Spray everything over a couple of times; many times, you’ll notice that what you thought were stains was just caked on duck poop that goes away with some spray. In that case, you’re done; spraying down the concrete solves all of your issues.
  3. If there is still some staining or some stench, then use the vinegar or animal-safe dishwashing soap (like Dawn). Squirt or spray this liberally over the area; it will help to eat away at any of the stains and it will get rid of the stench as well.
  4. Rinse the area again to get rid of any chemical that you used to wash, and the area should look as good as new.
  5. If you cleaned the duck house or roost using this method, consider using equine pellets or a similar product for the bottom of the house or roost. These pellets are used to absorb moisture in horse pens, and they will do the same exact thing in a duck house and/or roost. Spread it all over the floor; it will help prevent the moisture from staining the floor and the poop will harden quickly instead of staining the floor.