How to Clean Goat Poop

Goats are incredibly rewarding animals to own. Their babies are absolutely adorable, they’re easy to care for, and they’re very smart. Of course, having to learn how to clean goat poop is just a minor setback when compared to the benefits of having a couple goats to take care of. 

how to clean goat poop

Cleaning Up the Goat Stall

You want your home to smell good, right? Well, goats want the same thing for the stalls that they live in. Cleaning goat poop can be incredibly annoying because the poop is much smaller than that of their larger farm brethren (cows, horses). There are several methods that you can use in order to clean up the goat stall, and all of them are viable and can clean the stall effectively.

  • Use a standard shovel. Some goats will go to the bathroom in the same spot in their stall, which makes using a shovel easier than other methods. Some of them don’t; so what do you do then?
  • Pooper scoopers. Pooper scoopers sound absolutely crazy, but some large dogs poop larger fecal matter than most goats do, which means that pooper scoopers are totally viable.
  • Keep some straw on the bottom of the stall; then all you have to do is use a rake and take the poop with the straw that you rake up.
  • If you use shavings in the bottom of your goat stall, consider getting a large kitty litter scoop and using that. It can help you reduce the number of shavings you use, and it can help you do quick cleanups without refreshing all of the shavings every time you clean up poop.
  • Use a leafblower! This sounds ridiculous, but if you do not use shavings on the floor of the goat stall, use a leafblower to gather the little pellets, then sweep them up.

How you clean up your goats’ stall is totally dependent on you and what you find works best for you. Luckily, the way that goat pellets are formed, they are of the same consistency and shape as berries, so they’re incredibly easy to spot and clean up. That means it’s simple for you to keep your goats’ stall clean year round. 

Cleaning Goat Poop off your Clothing

Oh no! When you were cleaning up the goat pen, you ended up stepping in some goat poop. Or you were picking it up and you got some on your shirt. What do you do in order to get that gross, squishy poop off of your clothing?

What you will need

  • Dishsoap and water mixture (a few drops of dishsoap in water)
  • A gallon bucket
  • Paper towels
  1. First, clean the goat poop off of your article of clothing as best as you can. Do not rub at it, or the stain may spread further into the cloth.
  2. Then, put the dishsoap and water mixture into a gallon bucket, putting your article of clothing in as well. Goat poop does not stain as badly as other types of poop, so it’s better to use a gentle chemical like dishsoap to clean it; no need for the vinegar big guns here.
  3. Allow the article of clothing to sit in the solution for about an hour. Then, wash the article of clothing as you would normally. Check on the clothing in between washing and drying to make sure the stain is out. If it is not, allow the article of clothing to air dry. Then, use a 50/50 vinegar solution and repeat the process again.

Overall, cleaning goat poop from your clothing is like cleaning any other poop or urine stain from your clothing, and the chances for a permanent stain are a lot less.