Clean Shower Tiles Soap Scum

The bathroom tends to be an oasis in many people's homes, which is why many are looking to find the best and easiest way to clean shower tiles soap scum. Soap scum can dampen even the brightest moods as you are relaxing the days stress away in the tub. All you will need to do is follow the simple steps explained throughout this article.

Soap scum on shower tiles

Clean Shower Tiles Soap Scum Option One: Baking Soda

What you will need before you begin option one:

  • Soft bristle brush
  • baking soda
  • water
  • liquid dish soap

There are so many options to consider when trying to clean shower tiles soap scum. One of the easiest and most cost effective is using baking soda and a soft bristled brush. If you have strong sturdy tiles you can afford to scrub a little harder, but if your tiles are a little more fragile then you need to be cognoscente of how hard you are scrubbing. 

  1. To begin this method of cleaning you need to create your own cleaning solution in a bucket or large bowl. You should add 1 cup of baking soda, a squirt of liquid dish soap, and about 2 cups of warm water. This should come together to make a very watery solution. 
  2. Next, you will need to take your soft bristled brush and completely cover it in the solution. You can then begin to scrub and clean shower tiles soap scum. This step is when the elbow grease comes in handy. The baking soda is a scrubbing agent that will help you gently remove the soap scum from your shower tiles, but it will take a little effort on your part.
  3. Once you feel that you have removed the majority of the soap scum you will need to rinse the area with hot water. After the tiles have been completely rinsed you will need to inspect that tiles to ensure that you did in fact clean shower tiles soap scum completely.
  4. If there is still some soap scum left you can try to create more of a paste with the solution. You can do this by adding more baking soda to your already existing solution or you can create a whole new solution using only one cup of water rather than two. This solution should look and feel more like a paste. In fact, you should be able to compare the solution to your toothpaste.  
  5. You will use the paste with the soft bristled brush just as you had with the other solution. This solution will have more power and allow you to scrub less. Once you have scrubbed most of the soap scum away you can rinse the area with hot water. If there is still soap scum on the tiles you can repeat the steps listed above. If this still does not clean your shower tiles of soap scum you can take a look at Pintrest to find and create another baking soda solution to scrub those tiles. There are many recipes to choose from and try if this simple solution is not the best option for cleaning the shower tiles. 

If you do not have baking soda laying around or would prefer another method for cleaning, the soap scum off of your shower tiles, you can continue to read for another available option.

Clean Shower Tiles Soap Scum Option Two: Vinegar

What you will need before you begin option 2:

  • Spray bottle
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Vinegar 
  • Water
  • Liquid dish soap

There are many harsh cleaning chemicals that can be purchased at the store to rid your shower tiles of the nasty soap scum, but this is the 21st century and many people are looking for the greener and cost effective way of rejuvenating the bathroom tiles. 

The good news is there are many simple and easy ways to clean shower tiles soap scum. All you will need are a few household products and a little elbow grease. 

Vinegar is quickly becoming one of the most versatile cleaning agents because of its ability to clean without harming the surface or the fabric being cleaned. It is also a very environmental friendly medium to cook and clean with.  There are a number of great sites that can let you explore all of the wonderful uses of vinegar

  1. To clean shower tiles soap scum you will first need to create the vinegar solution. The solution is created with equal parts water to equal parts white distilled vinegar.
  2. Next, you will add a squirt of liquid dish soap in the solution.
  3. Next, you will need to spray the vinegar solution directly onto the shower tiles and allow the solution to sit on the tiles for a short amount of time. You will need to leave the vinegar solution on the shower tiles for about 15 minutes for the vinegar to break up the soap scum.
  4. Once you have allowed the solution to sit for about 15 minutes you will need to begin scrubbing. Remember to scrub gently if you have fragile tiles in your shower. Again, you will use a little elbow grease with this method, but you will remove the soap scup without harming your beautiful tiles.
  5. Finally, you will rinse the tiles with hot water. If the soap scum remains you can repeat the steps above. You can also leave the vinegar solution on the tiles for more than 15 minutes before scrubbing. The vinegar will clean shower tiles soap scum without harming the tiles.