Cleaning with Salt Examples

Cleaning with salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) is what Mother Nature intended. This all-purpose cleaner is effective on many types of stains and is all natural. The reason that salt is such a powerful cleaner is that it can be dissolved by water into it's component ions; Na+ and Cl-. These ions have powerful stain-fighting abilities. In this growing guide we explore all the classic and innovative ways we can find on how to do your cleaning with salt.

Cleaning with Salt

Cleaning Sweat Stains with Salt

If you want to remove sweat stains from your clothing, then soak them in salt water before washing.

Cleaning Spilt Coffee with Salt

When you spill some of your coffee, try applying cold saltwater ASAP! You'll notice a marked difference in the coffee stain outcome by cleaning with salt.

Cleaning Pots and Pans with Salt

Metal pots and woks are easily kept cleaned with salt by applying some salt to a towel with some oil and rubbing vigourously.

Cleanign Oven Spills with Salt

When you spill things in the oven, try and put some salt on it before it completely burns. 

Cleaning Blood on Clothing with Salt

Removing blood stains from clothing an fabrics used to be really hard until you tried soaking the garments in cold salt water overnight and then following it up with a brisk washing. 

Putting out a Grease Fire with Salt

Grease FIRE! Put it out quickly with salt. Yup - lot's of salt. Now, quickly go and put that fire out.

Pre-Cleaning to Prevent Mildew with Salt

Mildew is know to creep onto your shower curtains. You can prevent this by washing the curtain and then soaking in salt water. Do this before the mildew ever sets it's foot upon your curtain. It is a preventatitive method of cleaning with salt.

Cleaning and Clearing Drains with Salt

If your drains ever become plugged or might be heading that way, you can try pouring some boiling salt water down them, but be warned: This is dangerously HOT! It works generally.

Cleaning New Jeans to Soften with Salt

If you have a new pair of jeans and they feel stiff, then you can put them through the wash with a small amount of detergent and a small handful of salt to clean them and soften them right up.

Cleaning Soapsuds and Residue with Salt

If you are having problems with soap suds staying in your sink while you are cleaning and remaining there as soap residue when you are done, then you need to put some salt in with your rinse water. Also, add some salt to your rinse cycle to keep the soap residue off of your glassware.

Cleaning a Glass Coffee Pot with Salt

Put some crushed ice, some salt, and a bit of water into a coffee pot and then mix it around briskly until the coffee stains are removed.