How to Remove Baby Food Stains

How to remove baby food stains seems to be the question for most supper moms to answer. When you have a small child there seems to always be baby food stains on something both you and baby are wearing and you may not know how, but it also ends up on couches and carpets too. Like most stains there are some really great tips to removing baby food stains.

Remove Baby Food Stains

How to Remove Baby Food From Clothing

What you will need:

  • Cold water
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Warm water
  • Prewash stain remover

Baby food is simply adult food ground up meaning that it can stain yours and the baby's clothes just like adult food. Like all other stains you will need to treating the stain right away to ensure you can completely remover the baby food stains.

  1. Once the baby food stains have happened try and start the stain fighting process right away by soakingĀ  the garment in cold water and liquid laundry soap. You can allow the garment to soak overnight if you have a particularly stubborn stain.
  2. Lander as you normally would in warm water.
  3. Inspect the baby food stained area. If the stain remains move on to step 4.
  4. Pretreat the garment again with a prewash stain remover or liquid laundry soap. You can do this by applying the prewash or liquid laundry soap to the stain.
  5. Next, rub the prewash or liquid laundry soap into the fabric to try and break up the left over baby food. You can rub the prewash or liquid laundry soap in with your fingers or by rubbing the fabric together. Make sure you get a nice foam working to ensure the cleaning products are breaking up the baby food stain.
  6. Launder the clothing again in warm water.
  7. Inspect the stained area. If the stain remains you should repeat steps 4 through 6 until the baby food stain has been removed.

How to Remove Baby Food From Upholstery

What you will need:

  • Clean white cloth
  • Dry-cleaning solvent
  • Liquid hand dishwashing detergent
  • Cool water
  • Cold water

Have you ever finished feeding the baby and went to the couch to play only to notice you have transferred some of the baby food to the couch? Never fear there are a number of different ways to remove baby food from your furniture. Like most other stains the quicker you can get to treating the stain the easier it will be to remove. If the baby food has dried onto the couch you can try to scrape some of it away with a dull knife or spoon before beginning the cleaning process.

  1. To begin this stain fighting process you will need to apply a small amount of dry-cleaning solvent to a clean white cloth. Do not apply the dry-cleaning solvent directly to the stain this will not help in treating the baby food stain.
  2. Next, you will need to blot the stain with the dampened cloth.
  3. Continue to blot the dry-cleaning solvent into the stain until all of the dry-cleaning solvent has been absorbed.
  4. Continue to repeat this process until the stain has been removed. If the stain does not seem to come clean with this process you can move on to set 5.
  5. Mix together a solution of liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of cool water. Mix the solution well so that the soap is evenly distributed throughout the water.
  6. Dip a clean white cloth into the soapy solution and ensure the cloth is saturated.
  7. Blot the stain with the dampened cloth and soapy solution.
  8. Continue to blot the stain until the solution has been absorbed into the fabric.
  9. Continue to repeat steps 6 through 8 until the baby food stain has been completely removed.
  10. Once the stain has been lifted from the upholstery you will need to blot the stain with a clean white cloth saturated with cold water. The cold water will allow you to clean all of the excess cleaning chemicals from the upholstery.
  11. Finally blot the wet area dry with a clean white cloth. Tip: the reason you are told to use a white cloth is so the dye from a colored towel will not sped to the furniture, thus preventing another stain.

Tip: trying to remove baby food stains from the carpet has the same steps as removing the stains from the upholstery. You will need the same cleaning solutions as well. If you get to treating the baby food stain right away you should be able to remove the stains fairly simple. After you have removed the stain from the carpet and it has fully dried you can try and vacuum the carpet to make it look as good as new.