Remove Bacon Grease Stains

Bacon on a plate can sure vanish fast, but it can often be a lot harder to remove bacon grease stains.

Who doesn’t love bacon with breakfast on a Sunday morning? While certainly a tasty addition to your plate, bacon can also leave behind grease stains that are both unsightly and a challenge to remove.

Remove Bacon Grease Stains

Whether on your tablecloth or on an item of clothing, there are some great ways to remove bacon grease stains.

What Not To Do

First and foremost, it’s important to be aware of what not to do if you find yourself faced with the need to remove bacon grease stains. Knowing how to effectively remove stains is just as important as knowing what steps you shouldn’t take. All too many of us have made some simple mistakes that have led to permanently set stains on our favorite shirts or even antique tablecloths.

  • One of our first instincts with stained items is to run them through the laundry. Don’t immediately put the garment or linen into the washing machine, even on a hot cycle or after being pre-treated with a commercial spray
  • It’s important to first remove bacon grease stains before you run the item through the machine, no matter which cleaning method you use. This could otherwise set the stain in permanently
  • Once you get started working on removing the stain, be sure that you don’t rub too harshly or use a hard-bristled brush to work your cleaning solution through the fabric fibers. This also can potentially set the stain into the fibers, but it can also cause damage to your garment or tablecloth
  • Don’t use bleach or other chemicals that could damage your stained items. There are much more effective methods to remove bacon grease stains, without resorting to potentially destructive methods
  • Even if the material you are working with is white, you are unlikely to actually remove the bacon grease stain with a bleach soak. At best you’ll whiten the garment or linen beautifully, but for that unsightly still-remaining grease stain. The same holds true for bleach cleaning sticks, and sprays

Commercial stain remover sprays and gels can be very effective, particularly if combined with some other stain removal tricks. Use them liberally, certainly. But don’t rely entirely on them for each and every stain.

Removing Bacon Grease Stains
There are several methods to get rid of bacon grease stains. The sooner that you can treat the stain the better luck you will have at permanently removing it. That’s not to say that older stains cannot be removed fully, but it just might take a bit more work to get rid of them.
Cleaning Paste
One of the most effective methods of removing these unsightly stains is to create a basic cleaning paste using items that you already have around your house. Dish detergent is a very useful cleaning product, for so much more than just washing dishes with. With grease-fighting ingredients built into the soap, you’ll find that a quality dish soap can be your greatest ally against grease stains. It will help minimize grease residue when you are handwashing dishes, and
Start by blotting at the stain with a clean cloth, or with paper towels. Again, it’s important that you don’t rub at the stain. Simply blot, and lift.
Combine baking soda with a mild dish detergent. Mix in a small bowl until the cleaning paste resembles toothpaste.
Apply your cleaning paste to the material, with your fingertips or with a clean cloth. Allow the cleaning solution to sit for no more than a few minutes. Taking a soft-bristled brush, carefully scrub the cleaning paste into the stain to work it through completely. Allow to sit for 10 minutes.
Rinse the fabric clean using luke-warm water, and examine your results. If evidence of the stain still remains, you can repeat the process. You can also combine your efforts with a commercial stain remover gel.
Powder or Cornstarch
Another effective method for removing bacon grease stains is to use cornstarch or baby powder. Blot at fresh grease stains with your clean cloth or paper towels to remove any excessive amounts of great. Then simply sprinkle a liberal amount of powder onto your stained garment or linen. The powder will work immediately to start absorbing the grease out of the fibers of the fabric.
After allowing the powder to sit for 10 minutes, rinse it well with a mild dish soap. Rub the dish soap into the fabric to really work it into the fibers. Rinse clean.
Once the stain is no longer visible on the fabric you can now wash it in your washing machine.
Be sure to air dry versus dry in the tumble dryer, just in case the stain hasn’t been totally removed. Running the garment or tablecloth through the dryer is a surefire method of permanently setting the stain.