How To Remove Bubble Gum

There are  a few ways to remove bubble gum, which includes the aggravating (and gross) pulling it apart bit-by-sticky-bit to the disheartening cutting it away methods, when it winds up on any surface, from the cat to the clothes dryer. However, one is usually inefficient and the other often impractical. The best way to remove bubble gum from most surfaces where you would find an old or a melted piece of gum (ew), is to ice it.

How To Remove Bubble Gum

How to Remove Bubble Gum From Hair

If you get a big wad of gum stuck in your tresses fight the urge to snip it out, because that shouts, "I gave up before trying!" Nobody likes a quitter. And your hair will thank you.

To remove that offensive spit-laden bubble gum from your hair, you will need:

You may sacrifice a few strands with the following steps:

  1. Apply ice to gum until it is hardened enough to remove from hair, then pull off as much as possible. Re-ice if necessary to aid in the process.
  2. For any residue left, apply a small amount of alcohol or vinegar to cotton and work out the remaining left over gum.

How to Remove Bubble Gum From a Pet

Gum removal from a furry pet as a rule, requires expediency and caution. A two person method is recommended.

  1. Person 1 hold traumatized pet.
  2. Person 2 quickly snip gum out of fur.
  3. Give traumatized pet a treat and plenty of TLC.

Should the pet be a turtle--it may not be traumatized and you'd likely not know anyway, but the aforementioned icing should work or simply scraping the gum off with a blunt object.

How To Remove Bubble Gum Stuck In Your Pocket

Ice is likely the best method for this sticky (icky) mess. But there are other options, if needed.

  1. If room allows--place entire garment in the freezer for an hour or more to completely harden gum.
  2. Remove hardened gum from pocket--once it's frozen, it should come off fabric easily.

If for some reason this method isn't effective you may need the following:

  • Vinegar or isopropyl alcohol
  • Cotton balls or swabs
  • An item to scrape with

This requires more effort and patience, but should provide results:

  1. With a cotton ball or swab apply either vinegar or alcohol to the stuck side of the gum working it off the fabric as you go
  2. Continue until all gum is removed.

How to Remove Bubble Gum From Other Things

The same basic rules apply to nearly every surface from furniture, floors, carpet, countertops, painted walls, toys, and appliances. Ice most often works best, when it doesn't (or can't for some reason) a solvent of some sort to neutralize the stickiness will aid in getting it off  the affected surface.

Items generally needed will be:

  • Ice
  • Blunt object for scraping
  • A lubricant or solvent of some sort to break the bond many household items already on hand work well, e.g. vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, dishwashing liquid, vegetable oil, or hand cream.
  • Oil based and dye infused items may leave a stain on fabrics, so be careful  when using them.
  • Cotton balls, swabs, or cloth

Steps to follow are:

  1. Ice gum
  2. Scrape or pull off when hardened
  3. If that fails, apply one of the above to cotton ball or cloth and work at the stuck side, applying more as needed until gum is removed.
  4. If using oil or lotion, it may be easier to use fingers.
  5. If gum is stuck in dryer, alcohol on a cloth might work best for this, as you don't want to use anything oily in your dryer--since you will have to clean that out also. You will likely need a scraper to help with removal (it's been dried on with heat) a credit card or nylon spatula would save your dryer from being scratched.