Remove Dirt Stains from Jeans

Everyone likes to play in the dirt once in awhile. If you’re a gardener, or if you have kids, dirt is probably a common thing that you have to deal with. And I imagine that you may have to deal with dirt stains on your favorite pair of jeans. So, we’re going to talk some about how you can remove dirt stains from jeans easily and without spending a lot of money on commercial means.

Remove Dirt Stains from Jeans

Why Do Jeans Get So Dirty?

Jeans have a very interesting history, and most of it involves working, which is why we frequently wear these denim wonders while we play in the dirt. The durable cotton materials that we know as denim and jean were actually developed, but they weren’t really used as pants for a long time. They were used for a variety of other purposes (cleaning being a prominent one, they were also used as aprons).

The first jeans were actually meant to be work trousers, worn by those who worked in factories in the late 19th century. Men’s jeans had front zippers, like the jeans we see today, but women’s jeans (which were rare) had the zipper on the left side.

Jeans earned the name “waist overalls” and became popular during World War II, when American soldiers would wear them during off-duty times. Jeans continued to develop, and they finally became a “fashion trend” during the 1950’s. In the 1950’s, James Dean wore them in the movie “Rebel Without a Cause.” During the 1960’s (when women started to gain more rights), they evolved to the items that we know today. Women’s jeans got zippers in the front at this point.

Since then, jeans have been used for comfort and for working. The durability of the material makes them great for a variety of purposes, including working in construction and in gardening, which means that getting dirt on your jeans is a fairly common occurrence. 

How to Remove Dirt Stains from Jeans

You’ve been playing in the dirt, and now you have to remove the dirt stains from your jeans. Here’s a quick way to do so with some stuff that’s likely around your home.

  • Hand cleaner
  • Small brush or old toothbrush
  • Laundry Supplies
  1. Do you have hand cleaner around your home? Some people suggest heavy-duty hand cleaners (like Lava Soap) but really, anything will do. Take whatever hand cleaner that you have and spread a layer of it on both sides of the stain on your jeans. This will ensure that you get the stain from every possible angle.
  2. Take your brush or toothbrush and gently scrub at the stain from both sides. Make sure that you use circular motions that stay within the area of the original stain so that you don’t spread it further. You want the cleaner to get deeper into the fabric, hence the brushing.
  3. Allow your jeans to sit with the cleaner on them for an hour or two.
  4. Launder your jeans as you usually would, but take care that the spin cycle lasts longer than it usually would. You may have to force your washer to go through the spin cycle twice in order to get the desired effect (about 30 minutes total)
  5. After you’ve washed your jeans, throw them on the clothes line and/or allow them to air dry. Then, check the stain. If the stain is not gone, then repeat the process again.

Now that you know how to clean the dirt stains from your jeans, even your “work jeans” and “gardening jeans” can be repurposed and can look almost as good as new. Try this method – it really does work, wherever in your jeans that the stains may be.