Remove Mustard Stains From Clothes

Removing mustard stains from clothes may be an easier task than you think. There are just a few short short steps to take. With summer arriving and the many cook outs of the season, you may just be an expert on removing mustard stains from clothing by the end of the summer.

remove mustard stains

Removing fresh mustard from clothes

What you will need before you start:

  • Cold water
  • Heavy duty liquid detergent
  • Diluted Solution of all-fabric powdered bleach
  • Liquid Chlorine bleach (optional)
  • Commercial color remover (optional)

When Removing mustard stains from your clothes you will need to go through a process of having to pretreat, soaking, and washing with different types of detergents. The key to easily removing mustard stains from your clothing is to take action right away. If you allow the stains to sit for too long it may take you longer to remove the stains. If you are able to remove the stain right away you should soak the clothing, in cold water, for about a half an hour. If the stain is still there you can follow these easy steps to continue removing the mustard stains from your clothing. 

Continue the fight on removing mustard stains from clothes by using a heavy duty liquid detergent. When you pretreat the fabric you will need to ensure you scrub the area thoroughly. Once you have treated the stain you should then soak the clothing in a diluted solution of all-fabric powdered bleach. Please be aware that the bleach will also remove some of the color in your cloths and if left for too long.

If the mustard stain remains you can always add a few more steps to the process of removing the mustard stains from clothing. If the clothing is white or colorfast you can go ahead and soak the clothing in liquid bleach for a sort time. Again beware of the bleach. Bleach can sometimes discolor fabrics. If the clothing is colorful you can always us a commercial color remover to treat the stain.

Finally, you can complete the process of removing mustard stains from clothing by washing the fabric. Remember do not put your cloths in the dryer if there is still a stain! Once you are sure you have successfully removed the mustard stains from the clothing you can go ahead and wash the fabric. If you are removing the mustard stains from synthetic fabrics, i.e. polyester, nylon, and many others, you should not use water over 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Removing Dried Mustard Stains from clothing

what you will need:

  • liquid laundry detergent
  • Bucket
  • Enzyme stain remover (found in most grocery stores)

Mustard stains are easier to remove when caught right away because mustard contains a lot of  water content, but when able to dry the water evaporates making it a little more difficult to remove. There are a few simply steps that can aid you in the process of removing dried mustard stains from clothing.

  1. First, you can try and scrape any dried mustard from the area.
  2. Apply a generous amount of liquid laundry soap to the area. Work the soap into the fabric using either your fingers or scrubbing the fabric together. 
  3. Allow the liquid laundry soap to sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow the cleaning agent to penetrate the stain, thus breaking up the dried mustard.
  4. Wash the clothing as directed on the tag. After it is washed make sure to inspect the clothing. If there is still a stain do not put the clothing in the dryer! when removing mustard stains from clothing you do not want to put the still stained clothing in the drier. This will make it impossible to remove.
  5. If the dried mustard stain still remains then you can apply the enzyme stain remover to the area. Enzyme stain remover can be found in most grocery stores. You should not allow the enzyme remover to dry, but it does need to sit for awhile. With this said it might just be easier to soak the clothing in a bucket with an enzyme remover and cold water solution. Allow the clothing to sit for about 2 to 3 hours.
  6. Launder the clothing as normal and again inspect for the mustard stain before drying the garment.
  7. If the mustard stain still remains you can soak the article of clothing overnight in the bucket of enzyme remover and cold water. Repeat the steps until the stain has been removed.

Although removing dried mustard stains from clothing can be a little more difficult then fresh mustard stains it is still not impossible. Remember to also pay attention to the type of fabric you are washing and ensure you follow the washing directions located on the tag. Remember if you are washing a synthetic material do not wash the clothing in temperatures above 160 degrees Fahrenheit.