How to Remove Soy Sauce Stains

This guide explains how to remove soy sauce stains from a variety of materials. Traditional soy sauce is made from fermenting soy beans with some special molds, water, and salt, while less expensive soy sauces are made using hydrologized acids. Understanding the composition of the soy sauce helps us understand soy sauce stain removal.

Remove Soy Sauce Stains

The number one thing to know about removing a soy sauce stain is act fast - time is of the essence with stain removal. For more background on the 

Removing Soy Sauce Stains by Running it under COLD Water

The first plan of attack is using cold water. If you need to remove a soy sauce stain from a fabric that you can turn inside out, then run water through the backside of where the stain occured. 

If you cannot turn the fabric inside out (i.e., a couch, pillow, carpet, etc.), then you need to get a cloth or paper towel wet and blot and dab the soy sauce stain repeatedly with COLD water to remove the most intense part of the stain and eventually to get the soy sauce stain out.

Removing Soy Sauce Stains by Using Ammonia

If you are unable to remove the soy sauce stain by simply using water, then you will want to put some ammonia on a cloth to blot or dab the impacted area. Please note: Ammonia can have the unwanted effect of causing discoloration on certain types of cloths and may cause discoloration. Please be sure to test in an inconspicuous area before committing to trying this to remove soy sauce stain. 

Removing Soy Sauce Stains by Washing in Hot Water and Bleaching

NOTE: DO NOT use bleach on colored objects or use HOT water to remove the soy sauce from a facbric or clothing item if you haven't tried the above steps or if the colors of the garment could be damaged. 

Once completing the steps above, you can remove the soy suace stain by the following steps to remove soy sauce stain:

  1. Set wash cycle to HOT
  2. Add bleach or color-safe bleach
  3. Add fabric or garment with the soy sauce stain
  4. Wash repeatedly until stain is out
  5. DO NOT DRY until the stain is out. Drying will set the stain

Removing Soy Sauce Stains by Steaming Carpet

If the soy sauce stain that you need to remove is on carpet, then you will likely need to use a carpet steamer to clean the area. Carpet steamers are available for rent at most grocery stores for about $20 USD per day. The steamer help to remove soy sauce stains by simultaneously applying hot water to the site and vacuuming the steam and hot water immediatly through a suction tube to flush the aream and remove the soy sauce stain.

Furthermore, if the stain doesn't come out on the first try, then it may be necessary to apply dishsoap directly to the area and let it soak for a few hours minimum before attempting to use the steamer again to remove the soy sauce stain.

Removing Soy Sauce Stains Using Peroxide

If you have tried all of the above methods to remove the soy sauce stain, then it may be time for something more aggressive. This could be due to the type of soy sauce like Kikkoman. You may want to try soaking or dabbing the stain with household grade hydrogen peroxide. 

Removing Soy Sauce Stains by Soaking Overnight in Dish Soap

Another useful option for removing soy suace stains is to soak the in dishsoap water overnight. The soaking of the stain in dishsoap allows ample time for the full impact of the soap to take place in removing the stain. After leaving the item soaking overnight, please be sure to follow steps one through 3 above one more time to completely remove the stain. 

If it is not possible to soak the stain, then you may want to try applying the dishsoap directly to the area and using some type of steam cleaner to remove the soap from the soy sauce stained area.

Additional Options to Removing Soy Sauce Stains

One of the main challenges to remove soy sauce stains is when an item has already been washed and dried because that can set the stain. In these specific cases it may be necessary to try a like Mean Green or 409 and letting that soak on the stained area before removing with a sponge or steam cleaner. 

Another "out there" way to get the stain out is to bleach the effected area and then dye the garment using household dye for the washer or having a professional do the work of removing the stain and then recoloring the area where you need to remove the soy sauce stain.