Remove Static from Clothes

There may come a time when you need to remove static from clothes because your dryer or some other source of electricity is loading them up with electrical charge. This article contains the simple steps to get the static out of your clothing quickly, easily, and without damaging your clothes.

Remove Static from Clothes Image

Steps to Remove Static from Clothes

This technique is really quite simple and you probably won't believe it until you try it.

  1. Remove your clothes from the dryer
  2. Identify the articles of clothing with static charge
  3. Pin a safety pin to each article of clothing
  4. Wait a few minutes and the static should be gone

This technique using a safety pin may seem way to easy to be true, but removing static from your clothing after the dryer or carpet has loaded them up with electricity is extremely simple and useful. If you have any question, then please let us know.

Addition - we also found that static can be removed by pinning multiple items together with one safety pin.