How To Remove Tree Sap

If you find yourself in a sticky situation with the need to know how to remove tree sap from a variety of surfaces, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’ve parked your car under a sappy tree or have found yourself with tree sap on your clothing after an afternoon in the garden, it can be very irritating to try and work this sticky gooey gunk out before it becomes a permanent fixture in your world. The great news is that there are several things that can help you to effectively get rid of the tree sap once and for all.

How To Remove Tree Sap

Pine trees in particular can be some of the worst culprits at leaving you with a sticky tree sap situation that is very much a challenge to defeat. Before you get frustrated and give up, there are a few very effective methods for how to remove tree sap, some that you simply may not have thought of! Keep in mind that the sooner you are able to treat the tree sap mess the better your chances will be at completely getting rid of the sap. If the sticky situation occurred on your carpeting then you will have more of a mess to clean up as your carpets are a veritable magnet for grime and dirt from all corners of your home.

How To Remove Tree Sap From Hair

What You Will Need Before You Start

  • Mayonnaise or peanut butter
  • Fine toothed comb

If you need to know to remove tree sap from your hair you may also be feeling somewhat frustrated at the sticky gunk atop your locks. Before you succumb to the temptation to shear your golden locks off, there are a few very effective things that can be used to remove the tree sap.

  1. Completely saturate the sap-laden area with mayonnaise or peanut butter, working it into your hair with your fingers.
  2. Starting at just below the stuck sap, start to comb through the hair carefully.
  3. The sap should loosen away from the strands of hair and easily slide out of the hair.
  4. Hair can now be washed with a shampoo that will pull out the excess oils from the mayo or the peanut butter.

Hair conditioner may also work just as well on your hair to get the gunky sap out. The goal is to lubricate the hair so well that the sap has nothing to stick to, and therefore slides right out of your hair with minimal effort.

How To Remove Tree Sap From Fabric

What You Will Need Before You Start

  • Vegetable oil
  • Oxygen bleach powder
  • Clean sponge

Getting tree sap out of your clothing may be a bit of a challenge. However, you might just be surprised at how effective the most basic of ingredients are at loosening up the sticky sap.

  1. Apply a bit of the vegetable oil to the sap by blotting at it using a clean sponge. This will help to loosen the sap from the fibers of the fabric.
  2. If the sticky space is particularly large then you may need to apply the vegetable oil directly and use your fingers to work the oil into the sap.
  3. Add a scoop of oxygen bleach to a bucket or sink filled with cold water and submerge the fabric. Continue working the sap with your fingers, it should start to loosen considerably.
  4. Allow the fabric garment to soak in the suds for up to fifteen minutes and rinse thoroughly.

The sap should be completely removed from the fabric, and there should also be no traces of the vegetable oil. Launder as per the care instructions on the tag, but be sure to carefully check that the sap is gone before you pop the garment into the dryer.

In a pinch you can also use peanut butter, WD-40, rubbing alcohol, and even sunscreen to work the sap out of your clothing. Rubbing alcohol may be the better choice if you are working on a sap situation on your upholstered furniture or car seats.

How To Remove Tree Sap From The Body Of Your Car

What You Will Need Before You Start

  • Mineral oil
  • Clean sponge
  • Liquid dish detergent

There many things around your home that can effectively help you with how to remove tree sap from your car. Whether you have parked under a pine tree or have accidentally brushed up against your car with sap on your hands or clothing, it can be a pain in your bumper to try and get the sticky sap off without damaging the finish on your car.

  1. Apply a generous amount of mineral oil to the tree sap.
  2. Work the oil into the sap, taking care not to scratch the surface of your car.
  3. Mix a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent with half a gallon of warm water and clean the mineral-oil-soaked sap with a clean sponge. The sap should come right off of the car with minimal effort.

WD-40 can also be used to remove sap from your car. Take care not to use paint thinners or nail polish removers as they could inadvertently damage the finish on your car.

How to Remove Pine Sap from Wood Decks

What You Will Need Before You Start

  • Oil soap
  • Mop
  • Scrubbing brush

A pine tree can provide great cooling shade to your wooden deck in the summer months, but it can also leave you with a sticky situation. It is fairly simple to learn how to remove tree sap from wooden decks and other outdoor surfaces.

  1. Apply a generous coating of oil soap to your deck, using a mop.
  2. Allow the oil to work into the sap for up to fifteen minutes.
  3. Scrub at the sap with your scrubbing brush and you should notice the sap sliding right off of the deck.
  4. You can now clean the deck as you normally would, without the fear of the sap creating a sticky mess that does nothing but attract additional gunk.

While tree sap can seem almost impossible to budge, the truth is that any number of household products will help you to get it loose. Just be sure to thoroughly remove the ingredients that you use to remove the stain, as they can otherwise create a brand new stain of their own!