How To Remove Urine Stains from Wood Flooring

To remove urine stains from wood flooring you need to be ready to do 2 things. The first, identify the culprit that has urinated on the wood, which is usually a pet, and second, get the right cleaning supplies, which includes vinegar, to get the wood flooring clean. Wood is a porous surface, it can absorb liquids. Urine can both result in visual stains and lingering odor. The steps to clean the urine are listed below. 

Urine stain on wood floor

Steps for Removing Urine from Wood Floor

  1. Immediately use a towel to absorb any excess urine.
  2. Dampen a clean towel with cool water and wipe the stained area.
  3. Blot dry using a dry towel or rag.
  4. Dampen a clean towel with undiluted white vinegar and sponge onto the stained area.
  5. Do not saturate the wood, just moisten.
  6. Wipe again with a towel dampened with water and blot dry.

If a visual stain remains, it may be necessary to do the following:

  1. Buff the area using steel wool. Rub with the grain of the wood until the stain is no longer noticeable.
  2. Apply a floor wax according to manufacturer directions.

You can successfully remove urine stains from wood by acting quickly and using products safe for wood surfaces. Do not fully saturate a wood surface with water or other cleaning solution. Keep wood as dry as possible, even during the removal of stains. Working quickly prevents the wood from absorbing any excess moisture. Immediately begin to treat stains as soon as they appear for quick and easy stain removal. Taking the time to protect your quality furniture and other wood surfaces will maintain its beauty for furture generations.