How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains

Knowing how to remove yellow armpit stains may be a great way to elongate the life of your wardrobe. With the economy like it is today many are looking for new ways to make their cloths last longer. Yet, if you suffer from yellow armpit stains you may feel embarrassed. Never fear there is a simple way to remove the stains.

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Yellow armpit stains can be embarrassing and can seem impossible to get out of your clothing. To start the stain removal process you will need to understand how yellow armpit stains are created. They are normally made by the combination of sweat and underarm antiperspirant. These stains are easier to remove from cotton than satin, but both fabrics can be cleaned to remove the yellow armpit stains.

How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains From Satin

What you will need:

  • A bucket
  • Ice-cold water
  • Mild Laundry detergent (for delicates)

Satin can be a harder fabric to clean because it is a special kind of glossy material that is created using a special kind of weaving pattern. This means that you will need to care for satin different than most other fabrics. Here are a few ways to remove yellow armpit stains.

  1. The first step you will need to take, when removing yellow armpit stains from satin, is to check the tag. You need to check what type of satin your shirt is made out of before you yourself should treat the stain. If the tag reads silk satin, acetate satin, or crepe satin you can try and remove the stain yourself. If the tag does not read any of these materials you should seek a professional for help.
  2. Fill your bucket with ice-cold water and a few tablespoons of the mild laundry detergent. The detergent used should be for delicates. If you use too strong of a laundry soap you could ruin the fabric.
  3. Before the water has any time to warm up you will need to repeatedly dunk the stained garment into the water and soap solution. You should continue to dunk the material until the stains have been removed. This should be easier if you are able to start treating the satin right away. Like most stains yellow armpit stains are easier to remove the sooner you are able to treat the fabric.
  4. Once the stain has been removed you will need to rinse the garment in clean cold water. This should be done two times.
  5. Finally, hang the satin shirt on a satin or plastic cloths hanger to air-dry. Never put satin material in the dryer!

Removing yellow armpit stains form satin can be very difficult and you may wish to seek a professional help. If you are comfortable trying to remove the yellow armpit stains yourself follow the steps above and never place the garment in the dryer. The best way to prevent these types of stains is to not use as much antiperspirant.

How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains from Cotton Shirts

What you will need:

  • Cool water
  • Enzyme-containing liquid laundry detergent
  • Fabric safe bleach

When trying to remove yellow armpit stains from your cotton clothing the task can prove to be more simple than trying to remove the stains from satin clothing. Here are a few steps to follow when trying to remove yellow armpit stains from cotton clothing:

  1. Begin the process of removing yellow armpit stains by rinsing the stain for about 15 seconds. This will wash the salts and acids away leaving just the stains to deal with.
  2. Use a sponge to work in the enzyme-containing liquid detergent into  the garment. Ensure you have worked in the cleaning agent thoroughly by using your finger tips or rubbing the fabric against itself.
  3. Allow the enzyme cleaner to sit for about 15 minutes. Do not let the enzyme cleaner dry! This could cause more harm than the stain.
  4. Next, wash the shirt in fabric-safe bleach (if the material is safe to use with bleach). Use the hottest water the fabric will allow. You can find this information by looking at the laundering directions located on the tag.
  5. Once the garment is washed, inspect the clothing to ensure the stains have been removed. If you dry the garment still stained it will be more difficult, if not impossible, to remove.
  6. If the stains remain soak the fabric in a bucket of water and enzyme cleaner overnight. Enzyme cleaner can take a little while to work. Soaking the material in the solution could allow the enzyme cleaner more time to work.
  7. Wash again in fabric-safe bleach or as directed on the tag.
  8. Repeat these steps until the yellow armpit stains have been removed.

To try and prevent yellow underarm stains try and use less antiperspirant. The mixture of your sweat and antiperspirant is what make normal sweat spots yellow armpit stains.